Beginner Guide - Priorities

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Article by Lumineon


It can be overwhelming to join the game, see notifications everywhere, and be lost on what exactly you should be doing. Here we try to outline a brief list of activities that new players can prioritize.

If you're looking for a re-roll guide, see here!

Current Recommended Priorities

Clear Active Events!
  • Events offer great chances to farm!
  • Events can offer limited-time characters as well, so it's recommended for new players to not miss out.
Clear the Story!
  • Many story missions need to be unlocked before they can be farmed for higher level upgrade materials.
  • The missions get harder - leveling your characters and clearing the story go hand in hand.
  • Level one girl at a time to not split resources. See the leveling guide here, and the Bond Guide here!
  • Use the Talent Blossom to increase star rating via Rarity Crystals.
  • Gather pieces from story missions or the shop.
  • Store gold since it may be scarce early game.
    • ReLive International may follow the same pattern as JP.

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