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Bond Level

The bond system in Revue Starlight ReLive is a way to strengthen your stage girls and unlock materials and new stories. The Bond level is mainly increased through giving your stage girls gifts and playing the main story.

The Bond System and upgrades can be found in the “Stage Girls” menu option.



Gifts are by far the easiest and most efficient way to increase your Stage Girls' bond level. Each Stage Girl loves a different type of gift, but Flower Bouquets are universally loved by all Stage Girls. It is recommended to maximize bond point gain by giving Stage Girls their preferred Gifts.

Favorite Gifts

Karen Aijo

  • Umeboshi

Hikari Kagura

  • Jellyfish Chocolate

Mahiru Tsuyuzaki

  • Elastic Hair Bands

Claudine Saijo

  • Macarons

Maya Tendo

  • Baumkuchen

Junna Hoshimi

  • Bell Castella

Nana Daiba

  • Frog Notebook

Futaba Isurugi

  • Kinako Sticks

Kaoruko Hanayagi

  • Konpeito

Tamao Tomoe

  • Flower Seeds

Ichie Otonashi

  • Candy Drops

Rui Akikaze

  • Donut

Fumi Yumeoji

  • Ponzu

Yuyuko Tanaka

  • Tomato

Aruru Otsuki

  • Colored Pencils

Misora Kano

  • Furikake

Lalafin Nonomiya

  • Slime

Tsukasa Ebisu

  • Chocolate Sticks

Akira Yukishiro

  • Spicy Snacks

Michiru Ootori

  • Walnuts

Meifan Liu

  • Dried Squid

Yachiyo Tsuruhime

  • Nail Polish

Shiori Yumeoji

  • Black Tea

Shizuha Kochou

  • Aromatic Candle

Bond EXP via Battle


Similar to EXP, bond points can also be earned through the Main Story. The amount of bond points earned in a level varies; however, it does tend to increase as the levels become more difficult.

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