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Leveling is the best way to strengthen your stage girls. There are two main ways of leveling up: using tickets to give your stage girls EXP or by gaining EXP in battle. This guide focuses on the use of tickets; however, an overview of leveling through battle can be found near the end.


Tickets Overview

Using lesson tickets is the fastest way to increase your stage girl’s level. There are three different types of tickets, and each gives a different amount of experience and costs a different amount of gold to use.

  • 1 star Tickets provide the least experience, and cost 100 gold per ticket used.
  • 2 star Tickets provide more exp than 1* and less than the 3*, and cost 500 gold per ticket used.
  • 3 star Tickets provide the most experience, and cost 2500 gold per ticket used.
Getting Tickets

The four main ways of getting tickets are:

  • Events: “Lesson Ticket Hunt” will drop all three types of tickets and can be played twice a day. This is the most efficient way to receive tickets, as the event does not require any stamina and it gives the most drops,the number of times it can be played can also be increased using gems. 
  • Story Quests: Tickets can also be found as drop rewards. This can be checked on the quest overview page before you start the quest. 
  • The Theater: An item called the notice board can generate tickets while away from the game. 
  • The Shop: Random assortments of tickets can occasionally be found and purchased using gold.
Using Tickets

Tickets can be used from the stage girls icon on the main menu. Once the stage girl that you would like to level up is chosen, press the level up button. This will then allow you to select which tickets you would like to use. The max button next to the tickets will automatically select all of a ticket type. Pressing the “Reset” button will return each of the selected tickets to 0. Once you have selected the desired tickets, pressing the OK button will use them and your stage girl will receive the experience.

Leveling Up via Battle


Whenever a stage girl participates in battle, they will gain experience. The experience gained in battle will depend on which level is being played; however, exp usually increases as the levels get harder. While this can help to level up your stage girls, the experience gained is typically not a large amount so it is usually more efficient to level up through the use of tickets.

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