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With the addition of the Ad Gacha to the EN version of the game, most players ended up with a gigantic amount of memoirs and dupes taking up space, and no idea what to do with them. Aside from the “Upgrade Memoirs”, players shouldn’t be using memoirs to level others up, since the EXP they provide is almost meaningless. Instead, the memoirs you’re not using can be sold for Memoir Medals, which can be exchanged in the shop for Bond Items and Gacha Tickets.

KEEP - Refers to memoirs that are extremely useful in PvE and/or PvP content, and that should be kept no matter how many copies you have.

SITUATIONAL - Refers to memoirs with strong effects, but that are outclassed by other memoirs in some way. Recommended to keep until you have a surplus of better options.

PREFERENCE - This category is mostly aimed at the hoarder-types who don’t like throwing things away just in case they’re needed one day.

Any memoir not listed below can be sold safely.



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memoir memoir memoir

All memoirs that give you starting brilliance are extremely important, especially the 1* and 2* versions. The ones listed above are great for rounding out your teams due to their lower cost in all PvE content and all tiers of PvP. Do not underestimate them!


memoir memoir

The ultimate prizes of the ad gacha, arguably more valuable than most of the 4* stage girls you can get from it.

The Mahiru memoir on the left gives the two most desireable memoir effects in the game: Starting brilliance and fortitude. These effects make the memoir useful even before being Bound Broken, so you may want to wait until you have 6 or 7 copies before Bound Breaking rather than doing it immediately after hitting 5, since having multiple copies of this memoir in your team is actually recommended.

The Yuyuko memoir on the right gives 22 brilliance before Bound Breaking, making it inferior to a Bound Broken 2* memoir. However, Bound Breaking it increases the effect to 32 brilliance, a very important threshold, as any Stage Girl that has this memoir equipped will go straight to 100 brilliance after a single 3AP attack. Captain Aruru’s 3AP skill will also put girls who have this memoir equipped at 100 brilliance.


Although they don’t have much use for PvP, Memoirs with the Perfect Aim effect like the one above will be important for future PvE content. This includes some event bosses that give themselves dodge, challenge stages where enemies start with a large number of dodge stacks, and eventually, raid bosses.

However, Bound Breaking Perfect Aim memoirs isn’t necessary and it’s perfectly fine to keep a few unleveled ones around and sell any extra copies.



The only 4* Starting Brilliance memoir currently available in the Ad Gacha. As with all 4* memoirs, it’s difficult to fit on a team composition due to its high cost. When not Bound Broken, this memoir gives 28 brilliance at the start, which unfortunately does not help you charge your climax any faster than a 24 brilliance memoir does. It’s currently best used on 4-girl team comps in Platinum where running one less girl allows more flexibility with memoirs.

When fully Bound Broken, the starting brilliance increases from 28 all the way to 40, allowing you to reach a full charge after using nearly any skills.

This memoir will also be extremely useful in the future, since Don Kaoruko will be released with a passive that gives your team 10 starting brilliance, allowing you to reach Climax Revues in a single turn. In addition, the maximum cost for both PvE and PvP content will eventually be increased from 85 to 105, which will make high-cost 4* memoirs like this one easier to run.


Increases effective element damage by 10% (15% when max Bound Broken.) This effect is an extremely useful memoir for PvE content since you’ll almost always be using stage girls who have type advantage against that stage’s enemies. In particular, this memoir is useful for Talent Crystal Hunt, Song Search stages, and as your guest support.



memoir memoir memoir memoir

These memoirs give starting brilliance, but are coupled with effects other than fortitude. These memoirs are great filler until you’ve Bound Broken multiple copies of the Mahiru and Yuyuko ones above, but there’s little reason to use them once you have.



Due to lacking starting brilliance, this memoir is not particularly useful by itself, especially before being Bound Broken. Once Bound Broken, however, its fortitude effect goes from giving you one stack to two. The extra survivability is occasionally useful for difficult PvE content such as Song Searches and later floors in the Tower of Dreams where you need your front line to survive for as long as possible.




A memoir that gives both a normal barrier and fortitude. Like the above memoirs, the fortitude effect is useful for PvE content, but once you have a healthy selection of brilliance+fortitude memoirs to choose from, there will be little reason to ever choose this one over them. Bound Breaking it only increases the barrier strength and does not give an extra stack of fortitude.

memoir memoir memoir memoir memoir memoir

These memoirs aren’t a part of the ad gacha, but they’re worth mentioning anyway, as they were all limited memoirs exclusive to either event rewards or an event’s gacha.

None of them have any noteworthy effects and are only worth keeping around if you don’t want to lose out of content that potentially may never be available again. Also note that the ones that were given out for free during events sell for half as much as normal memoirs do.



Some people prefer to run a Dexterity increasing memoir as their guest support slot rather than effective elemental damage. This offers much less consistency in exchange for occasionally dealing extra damage.


Similar to the Aquarium Date memoir, but with Evade instead of Fortitude. Unfortunately, Evade is infinitely less useful than fortitude is, so its usage applications are even smaller. Some people like to keep it for its special defense effect, but this is far from a must-keep.

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