The main purpose of this guide is to help all new players familiarize themselves with the different settings and menus in the game. While the game will cover a few portions of this content, a more in depth explanation can be found below.

Title Screen


The title screen is the first thing you will see when opening the game. The two most important functions found here are the Data Backup and Support menus (these can also be accessed from the “other” screen on the main menu).

  • Data Backup will allow you to sign in to your account if you ever need to switch devices or restore your data. Before switching devices, you must backup your account data (see “Data Backup” in the “Other” Menu).

  • Support will allow you to access different notices and form, while also allowing you to clear your player data and cache if need be. Clearing player data is useful for rerolling and clearing the cache can sometimes fix issues that are occurring with your game (clearing the cache will not delete your account data, but clearing player data will delete it; make sure to keep this in mind).

Main Menu


The Main Menu is sort of like a hub for all different activities in the game. The main features here are you profile, presents, other(settings), gacha, stage, theater, units, stage girls, memoirs, revue songs, shop, and assignments. The shop, theater, and gacha will all be explained further in other guides, so this will primarily focus on the other menus.

  • The Profile (top left corner; includes chosen unit and level) shows what people will see if they encounter one of your units in game; this includes your featured stage girl, badges, comment, stage girl info, story completion, birthday, and star performance. You can change all of these settings from this menu.
  • Presents is where you will claim any free gifts including pre-registration rewards, maintenance compensation, and similar items.
  • Other contains most of the games settings; this will be explained further on in the guide.
  • Stage is where you can access any PvP, Event, Potential Bloom, or Main Story quests.
  • Units is where you will go to set your formations (teams/units) and also change stamps that can be used in PvP.
  • Stage Girls will display a list of all owned stage girls; this is also where you can upgrade and enhance your girls.
  • The Memoirs menu is where you can upgrade, bound break, or sell any of your memoirs.
  • Revue Songs is where you can fuse any songs together, or sell them for coins.

Lastly, we have the Assignments list, which is where you will collect any completed daily, normal, or event assignments. You can also check the status of your Premium Passport here.

The “Other” (Settings) Menu


The settings menu is one of the harder to navigate menus in the game for beginners. The main functions you should familiarize yourself with are Notices, Item List, Gallery, System Settings, Help, Support, Data Backup, and Download Game Data.

  • Notices is where you will be able to view any event or maintenance information along with any gacha related info.

  • The Item List will show you any items that you have in your inventory; you can also sell items from this menu.

  • Gallery is where you will be able to find any story or event CGs as well as a list of all the memoirs and stage girls that you have seen.

  • System Settings is where you will be able to adjust any sounds or turn notifications on/off.

  • The Help menu offers short descriptions of many of the in-game functions; however, if you need any further information it can be found in any one of the guides on the GamePress website.

  • Support is where you can contact the developers of the game; this can be used if you have to restore your account data or you have any questions regarding the game. It is recommended that you contact them if you notice any bugs within the game so that they can take note of these issues.

  • Data Backup will let you connect your game to an A-Team ID so that you can save game data if you are ever switching devices; this is also very helpful in the event of data loss as it is the easiest way to recover your save. It is recommended that you set this up as soon as possible in order to prevent potential loss of game data.

  • The last item on the list is the Download Game Data button which will allow you to pre-download any game data that is not already installed on your device. This can make load times faster and prevent you from having to download data before being able to use certain functions.

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