Purple Clouds of the Afterworld Event Guide!

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Event Overview

In this event, clearing event stages gets you keys to fight the boss. The boss drops red maple leaves, which can be used to pull the event boxes. Story chapters will be unlocked based on the amount of boss kills, regardless of difficulty.

Event Tips

  • Make sure to equip the event memoirs. They will allow you to deal much more damage to the boss.

  • The boss for this event is moon type. A good tank will be helpful, and any offensive cloud type units will be able to deal good damage.

  • Event characters and memoirs should be prioritized. They will give you a large boost when fighting the boss.

  • It is recommended to only do the 5★ boss if it can be cleared within 2 tries - otherwise, do the boss that you can comfortably clear within 1 try!

    • Tip from /u/Peridot_Weapon: "...You probably want to clear the 4★ Boss at least once anyway, regardless. Otherwise you won't be able to farm for some of the Gold materials (or any of the Rainbows) while also getting the boosted key rate."


Event Bonuses

Character/Memoir Name Bonus
4★ [Yoshitune Minamoto] Yuyuko Tanaka +200% Damage against Boss
3★ [Musashibo Benkei] Tamao Tomoe +100% Damage against Boss
4★ Admiration for Yoshitsune Memoir +50% Damage against Boss/+80% Damage if Max Uncap and Max Level
3★ The School Trip Memoir +30% Damage against Boss/+60% Damage if Max Uncap and Max Level
3★ Tengu’s Handiwork Memoir +30% Damage against Boss/+60% Damage if Max Uncap and Max Level
ALL Rinmeikan Girls School Stage Girls +10% Damage against Boss

Boss Difficulty Levels

Difficulty Keys Required Keys per Maple
5 1
★★ 10 1.2
★★★ 15 1.3
★★★★ 20 1.5
★★★★★ 25 3.2

Due to the ratios of Keys to Maple, it's recommended to follow the rules of thumb below:

  • Only do the hardest difficulty if you can clear it within 2 tries.
  • Otherwise, do the hardest difficulty that you can consistently clear in 1 try.

Tactics for 3★, 4★, and 5★ difficulties from /u/starlight-gatherer:

  • 3★ Boss can be farmed using the Event Tamao if she is 5* (Lv.70) w/ Rank 5 on skill panel. Must equip Event Memoir with limit broken to MAX.

  • 4★ Boss can be farmed same as above, except Tamao needs Rank 7. Alternatively, Musketeer Hikari can also be used if she is 6* (Lv.80) w/ Rank 7. Must equip Event Memoir with limit broken to MAX.

  • 5★ Boss example composition is Musketeer Hikari 6* (Lv.80) w/ Rank 7 AND Yoshitsune Yuyuko 5* (Lv.70) w/ Rank 7. Recommended to equip The School Trip memoir (to Lv.21) onto Hikari and a MAX limit broken Event Memoir (Lv.21) onto Yuyuko.

    • Musketeer Hikari's Act 3 increases ACT power, so remember to use it before a Climax Revue for better damage!

    • Musketeer Hikari works well as a Climax Act guest. Yuyuko can be used, but make sure she's a decent level.

    • Tamao's Climax Act does not deal any damage. Only use it if you're having trouble surviving. Generally not recommended as a guest.

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