Shop Overview

The shop allows you to purchase various items and materials that can be used to enhance your stage girls and increase their bond levels. Some common items among the shops include Pieces, Upgrade Memoirs, and Gifts (not available in all shops, but the most common).

Standard Shop

The Standard Shop is the most accessible shop due to everything costing Gold. The most common items in this shop are Lesson Tickets, Memoir Exp, and Pieces.

Updates occur for this shop every 6 hours, but it can be manually refreshed using 40 star gems. Manually refreshing costs star gems and is generally not recommended for free players.

Bottom Line:

There is little use for this shop in the current state of the game as everything sold here is easily obtainable elsewhere. New players may be tempted to purchase pieces that they're short on here, but gold is a scarce commodity in the early game. Just wait until

Vs. Revue Shop

The Vs. Revue shop is where you can spend coins from chests earned through competing in Vs Revues. The currencies here are Bronze, Silver, and Gold Vs Medals. This shop stocks unfarmable materials for ranks 7, 8, and 9, Memoirs that were rewards from previous PvP seasons, gacha tickets, memoir exp, lesson tickets, and bond items.

The PvP shop updates once every 24 hours at reset time. Each day a new batch of items will randomly be selected, so it may take several days before you find the item you're looking for. 

  • Gold Medals can be used to purchase the following:

  1. Unfarmable Pieces required for Rank 8 and 9 progression (30 medals apiece). These include the 7 elemental crowns, 3 positional crowns, and 2 attack-type pieces. Note that in order to fully max out a rank 9 stage girl, 15 elemental crowns, 6 positional crowns, and 4 attack-type pieces are required, making these pieces an extremely valuable commodity

  2. Unfarmable Pieces required for for Rank 7 progression (20 medals apiece). These include the 7 Positional gems pieces, 3 positional pieces, and 2 attack-type pieces. Note that in order to progress to rank 8, 14 elemental pieces, 4 positional pieces, and 4 attack-type pieces are required. These materials aren't as exclusive as the ones above thanks to many of them being available as event progression rewards.

  3. Memoirs from previous PvP seasons (450 medals). 

  4. Star Gem Gacha Tickets (30 medals).

Bottom Line:

The recommended priority for gold medals is as follows:

  1. Any rank 8/9 pieces needed for a girl on your team
  2. The rank 7 positional pieces and Moonbows/Angel Ladders needed for a girl on your team.
  • Other items can be ignored because they are easier to buy from other sources. Rank 7 elemental pieces are better bought from the special shop, Star Gem gacha stickets are better bought from the Memoir shop.
  • Finally, the PvP Memoirs can be ignored completely due to all having lackluster effects on top of an outrageous cost.

Silver Medals can be used to purchase Memoir Exp and stage girl specific gifts (ex: Umeboshi for Karen).

Bronze medals are used to purchase Lesson tickets and non stage girl specific gifts (ex: cake).

Nothing exceptionally valuable can be purchased with Silver or Bronze medals, so take your pick between Memoir Exp and bond items. The Memoir Exp has more value to those like to keep copies of many different memoirs around, while the bond items are more generally useful.

Memoir Shop

The Memoir Shop features items that cost medals obtained by selling memoirs. The items sold are Gifts, Gacha Tickets, and 4* Memoir Gacha Tickets.

Bottom Line:

  • Players who regularly keep up with ad gacha will quickly find themselves drowning in more Memoir Coins than they could ever possibly spend. One could buy out every item in the shop every day and still come away with more Memoir Coins than they had the previous day.

  • A word of caution regarding the 4* Memoir Ticket: The pool of memoirs is exactly the same as the ad gacha's pool of 4* memoirs. Some veteran players will already have Max Boundary Broken all of the memoirs that they need and thus have no reason to buy this ticket.

Creation Jewel Shop

The Creation Jewel Shop sells Potential Crystals for owned Stage Girls in exchange for Creation Jewels. These can be obtained by receiving a duplicate of any stage girl.

Bottom Line:

  • Thanks to ad gacha, players will have no shortage of Creation Jewels. Don't hesitate to buy enough gems bring your girls to 6*s instantly. However, make sure to run their 3 Potential Crystal Hunt stages first to avoid missing out on 150 Star Gems!

  • The price of the Potential Crystals increases after a set amount of purchases (tracked separately for each stage girl). For more information refer to the chart below.


Special Shop

The Special Shop has a chance of randomly appearing after completion of a stage (skipping works too!) and will last for 10 minutes. The shop features normal farmable pieces, unfarmable rank 7 elemental pieces, and bond items.

  • The most notable item sold here are the rank 7 elemental pieces which can be bought for 45 Creation Jewels a pop. Up to 5 of each elemental piece can be bought before selling out. Each stage girl requires 14 of their corresponding elemental piece in order to reach rank 8, so be sure to stock up. Don't fret about running low on Creation Jewels; Ad Gacha provides more than enough.

  • The bond items are a coin sink, costing a hefty 30,000 per item. New players should avoid purchasing these since gold is extremely scarce in the early to mid game and any bond items you need can easily be obtained from the Memoir Shop.

Twilight Theater Shop

Much like how the PvP Shop gives Gold, Silver, and Bronze currency for participating in PvP, the Twilight Theater awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals upon completion. At the time of this writing, WW does not have access to Gold Medals.

  • Gold medals, when available, will give access to an exclusive 3* Suzdial Cat that grants Brilliance+Agility, as well as a Suzdial Cat Theater accessory. The memoir costs 10 gold medal while the Theater accessory costs 2.
  • Silver medals can be exchanged for bond items. A single bond item costs 30 medals and a set of 5 costs150.
  • Bronze medals can be exchanged for Upgrade Memoirs, Lesson Tickets, Coins, and Cake.

Bottom Line:

The standout item here is without a doubt the Brilliance+Agility memoir and is the main incentive to grind the Twilight Theater. None of the Silver or Bronze rewards are worth discussing and can be spent on whatever the player needs most at the time.

JP Server Update

  • The Japanese server added new currencies and rewards to their Twilight Theater Shop. In addition to the the memoir and Theater accessory, the 3 positional crowns needed for ranks 8 and 9, as well as the elusive Aurora and Solar Halo pieces required for rank 9 can be purchased for 15 gold medals. On top of that, the 3 positional pieces for rank 7, as well as the Moonbow and Angel Ladder pieces can be purchased for 10 gold medals.
  • Finally, the element of the Twilight Theater boss changes on a weekly basis and drops medals corresponding to its color. These elemental medals can be exchanged for either the rank 8/9 elemental crowns or the rank 7 elemental pieces for 15 and 10 medals respectively.

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