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Shop Overview

The shop allows you to purchase various items and materials that can be used to enhance your stage girls and increase their bond levels. Some common items among the shops include Pieces, Upgrade Memoirs, and Gifts (not available in all shops, but the most common).

Standard Shop

The Standard Shop is the most accessible shop due to everything costing Gold. The most common items in this shop are Lesson Tickets, Upgrade Memoirs, Pieces, and Gifts.

Updates occur for this shop every 6 hours, but it can be manually refreshed using 40 star gems. Manually refreshing is not recommended.

If you are a new player, refrain from purchasing any of the items from the gold shop unless you absolutely need something; gold can be a scarce resource in the early stages of the game and you will be far better off farming for the pieces instead of buying them.

  • If you do have a surplus of gold, Gifts are the recommended purchase for your girls as they can boost their stats and unlock Star Gems.

  • If you are trying to complete the daily missions, buy the cheapest item (or an item that you need) to save gold.

Vs. Revue Shop

The Vs. Revue shop is where you can spend coins from chests earned through competing in Vs Revues. The currencies here are Bronze, Silver, and Gold Vs Medals. This shop commonly stocks Upgrade Memoirs, Lesson Tickets, Gifts, and Gacha Tickets.

  • Gold Medals can be used to purchase Star Gem Gacha Tickets.

  • Silver Medals can be used to purchase Upgrade Memoirs and stage girl specific Gifts (ex: walnuts).

  • Bronze medals are used to purchase Lesson tickets and non stage girl specific gifts (ex: cake).

  • Save up Gold Medals for the Gacha Tickets!

  • Silver and Bronze medals should both be used on whatever you need most, but it is recommended that you purchase Stage Girl specific Gifts if you do not need any specific item.

Memoir Shop

The Memoir Shop features items that cost medals obtained by selling memoirs. The items sold are Gifts, Gacha Tickets, and 4* Memoir Gacha Tickets.

  • It is recommended that you save up for the Star Gem Gacha Ticket.

It is not recommended to buy the 4* Memoir Gacha Ticket. Their high party cost makes them scarcely used, even if you’re lucky and draw one of the better ones.

Creation Jewel Shop

The Creation Jewel Shop sells Potential Crystals for owned Stage Girls in exchange for Creation Jewels. These can be obtained by receiving a duplicate of any stage girl.

  • In general, Creation Jewels should be saved for purchasing Elemental Pieces from the Special Shop.

  • The price of the Potential Crystals increases after a set amount of purchases (tracked separately for each stage girl). For more information refer to the chart below.


Special Shop

The Special Shop randomly appears after the completion of a quest. Once it appears, it will only stay for 10 minutes. In addition to items you would expect from the Standard Shop, Elemental Pieces can be purchased in exchange for Creation Jewels.

  • The only items recommended for purchase from this shop are the Elemental Pieces. These are required to upgrade your stage girls at Rank 7 and are very valuable.

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