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Revue songs can be farmed in the Revue Song Hunt event, which is unlocked after finishing the main story. The stage type changes every day, and so do the song drops. Songs also drop from stages randomly.

Three songs with the same number of effects can be fused to make a song with one more effect. The new song title is chosen at random from one of the three fused. The first two effects are random, but the third effect will always be determined by the name of the song.

Song Effects

Max Song Effects
Max Value Effect
+100 Act Power
+100 Normal Defense
+10% Normal Defense
+100 Special Defense
+10% Special Defense
+7% Dexterity (Critical Chance)
+25% Critical (Critical Damage)
+10% DMG Up for Stage Girls of Element
+10% DMG Up vs Element
+10% DMG Cut from Element

Song Hunt Guide

Day of the Week Stage Type Song Drops 3rd Effect
Monday Moon Try Being a Butterfly Back, Rinmeikan
Starlight Theater Back, Moon
Pride and Arrogance Front, Moon
Tuesday Flower The Knowledge of a Stage Girl Back, Flower
Rose Poems Front, Flower
Hoshi no Dialogue Back, Seisho
Wednesday Ice Discovery! (Rinmeikan Girls School Ver) Middle, Rinmeikan
Until the World Turns to Ash Front, Snow
Dialogue of the Stars Back, Snow
Thursday Wind Discovery! (Frontier School of Arts Ver) Middle, Frontier
Circle of the Revue Back, Wind
The Star Knows Front, Wind
Friday Moon Discovery! (Siegfeld Institute of Music Ver) Middle, Siegfeld
Star Divine Back, Space
A Song or the Blooming of Flowers? Front, Space
Saturday Cloud Showtime Frontier! Back, Frontier
Fly me to the star Back, Cloud
Love’s Wicked Pitch Front, Cloud
Sunday Dream Starlight Back, Dream
Discovery! Middle, Seisho
Platinum Forte Back, Siegfeld
RE:CREATE Middle, Dream

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