Seisho PvP: A Look Back on JP's Version and What to Expect on WW

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A Special PvP season limited to only Seisho Stage girls has just been announced for the WW server! These special seasons serve as a week-long break from typical PvP seasons and allow players to use stage girls and team compositions that are difficult to use otherwise. The rules for this season will be as follows:

  • 85 cost for all tiers. (Yes, even silver and bronze will have 85 cost)
  • No memoir restrictions
  • Only revue songs that feature at least one Seisho character are permitted.
  • Unit Skills will not be active.

Below is an overview of what the top placing teams on the JP server looked like. Only 98 of the top 100 teams were accounted for on this chart since two players switched to unserious teams at the end of the season and were thus excluded from the tally.

Seisho PvP Usage Data from JP

It should come as no surprise that Amaterasu Hikari dominated the rankings, appearing on almost every team thanks to her oppressive damage output and unrivaled utility. In fact 7 of the top 8 picks were either Brilliance fest exclusives or seasonal limiteds, the only exception being Sun Nation General Maya. 

Keep in mind that WW does not have all of the same girls that the JP server did at this time and as such, the meta will be very different. Also keep in mind that meta viability is not the only factor that influences character usage rankings and other factors, such as character availability, may be at play in the results. For example. It is possible that for seasonal limited girls such as Santa Mahiru to see less usage than girls available from ad gacha, such as Musketeer Junna, even if Santa Mahiru may perform better in the meta due to less players owning her.

What to Expect on WW

Brilliance fest exclusive girls will be the name of the game and it’s likely that Amaterasu Hikari, Arthur Karen, and Moriarty Mahiru will easily claim the top 3 usage slots.

Update: Shimizu Futaba has just released and, as expected of a Brilliance fest girl, will also be instrumental in the meta. Limiting the character pool to Seisho only may have removed Greenhorn Captain Aruru and her coveted Brilliance Recovery, but Shimizu comes in just in time to take over that role. Shimizu packs a crazy amount of utility in her climax thanks to it recovering brilliance, providng the team with Normal Damage Reflect, and dishing out respectable damage. The biggest concern regarding her usage certainly isn't her viability, but rather the insufficient time players have to get her to rank 8/9.

Arthur’s usage in particular will be much higher on WW than it was on JP. Many JP players switched to June Bride Hikari over her due to Hikari offering superior defensive utility, but she won’t face that same same competition this time around. For teams running Amaterasu Hikari, expect backrow AoE nukes such as Musketeer Junna, Santa Mahiru, and Maid Melissa Maya to also see an uptick in usage due to Musashi Nana and Tamatsubaki Kaoruko being unreleased. On the more speculative side, it’s possible that Musketeer Mahiru sees more use. While not all players have Moriarty Mahiru, most do have Sun Nation General Maya thanks to ad gacha. Without Shimizu Futaba, Musketeer Mahiru becomes one of the only usable moon stage girls available to deal with Amaterasu Hikari and Sun Nation General Maya.

Team Comps: Breaking the Mold, Anti-Meta Options, and Budget Alternatives

Not everyone has been blessed by the Brilliance Fest girls and will instead be faced with difficult decisions when team building. Below is some advice that’s meant to showcase both premium and budget options. Please note that the below advice is not a comprehensive list of alternative ways to build teams, but is simply meant to point players who are unsure of how to build their team in the right direction. Players are encouraged to experiment with their available girls to see who fits best for them.

No Tank

One fun premium team composition to experiment with is to run no front liners whatsoever and have Arthur Karen lead the charge However, this option requires very powerful teammates behind Karen (such as Amaterasu Hikari) and functions a little differently from a traditional team composition. While it wasn’t the most popular strategy on JP, it was effective enough to make its way onto 5 of the top teams.

UpdateShimizu Futaba increases the viability of this composition tenfold. Some players prefer to run 0-0-5 comps with her, meaning all 5 girls are back row with Shimizu leading the charge. Not only does this allow Shimizu to give her climax's buffs to all girls on the but team, but it also helps Shimizu charge her climax quickly via damage.

4 Members

Another interesting and viable premium strategy is to run only 4 members on a team. This strategy was employed by 9 of the top 98 teams on JP in order to maximize their chance of getting good hands. However, The exact team comps used on JP will not be possible on WW, since they all consisted of the Musashi-Amaterasu-June Bride combination (with the 4th slot going to Moriarty of Arthur). Don’t be surprised if variations on this strategy perform exceptionally well on WW and take up a larger percentage of the top spots.

Anti Meta

Mid Row Choppers

It’s safe to assume that Sun Nation General Maya and Moriarty Mahiru will be everywhere. The Moon typing of Phantom Nana and Flower typing of Holmes Karen and Valentine’s Junna will help them dispatch Maya and Mahiru respectively. Despite their strength as tank-busters, they still fall quickly against AoEs and it is highly recommended to pair them with some defensive options such as your own Moriarty Mahiru or Arthur Karen to maximize their survivability.

Budget Alternatives

Thankfully, even unlucky players will be able to construct reasonable teams thanks to Musketeer Junna, Musketeer Mahiru, and Sun Nation General Maya all being easily accessible from ad gacha.

On the other hand, the pool of 3* characters that can compete with the top threats is unfortunately limited. Below are some last resorts to consider if there are truly no other options available:


Knight of the Black Lion Claudine, Reindeer Karen - Knight of the Black Lion Claudine is the most obvious choice thanks to her stellar normal defense, but suffers against Amaterasu Hikari. Reindeer Karen is also worth consideration.

Damage Dealers:

Knight of the Sun Nation Nana, Knight of the Black Lion Junna - both should only be considered only if there are absolutely no other damage options available. They have the potential to be game changers if they live long enough to get their climaxes off, but even a single round of Mark-boosted AoEs will be enough to spell death for them.


Young Lady Elena Nana - Elena serves a unique role that no other character can fill thanks to her auto-taunt passive. She has the potential to unleash a powerful Enmity-boosted climax on turn 2, but will seldom survive past the first few turns of each match.

Although reaching the top echelons of the rankings with these girls would be a difficult endeavor, players seeking the rewards for Platinum should have no difficulty making by the end of the season if forced to run one or two girls on their teams.