Starlight Cinderella Event Guide!

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Event Overview

In this event, clearing event stages gets you keys to fight the boss. Beating the event boss will award you with Glass Shoes, which can be used to pull the Box Gacha. Story chapters will be unlocked based on the amount of boss kills, regardless of difficulty.

Event Tips

  • Make sure to equip the event memoirs. They will allow you to deal much more damage to the boss.

  • The boss for this event is Ice type. A good tank will be helpful, and any offensive Wind type units will be able to deal good damage.

  • Event characters and memoirs should be prioritized. They will give you a large boost when fighting the boss.

  • The event [Witch Fairy] Aruru may be a better choice as your support than [Cinderella] Lalafin. Aruru has a stop ability with her climax, which can be useful when fighting against a boss' climax skill.

  • If you receive the 4★ [Cinderella] Lalafin, it is recommended that you keep her as slow as possible. This means that you should leave her at bond level 25 and do not unlock her rank 7 speed panel. Doing this will make her a better unit for PvP.

Farming Tips

  • Like the previous events, there will be a 2x Drops button. Use this on the highest difficulty level that you can beat in order to maximize rewards.

  • Boss HP will be carried over if you lose - however, the number of keys dropped will decrease if it takes more than one try. Because of this, it is recommended that you only challenge the difficulties that you can beat in one try.

  • Make sure that you do MLB your memoirs. Give one to each member of the unit, so that you maximize the effect and make farming easier.

Shop Tip

As the shoes will be used to pull the box gacha, it is recommended that you pull until you are able to reset, even if you do not fully complete the box.

Event Bonuses

Character/Memoir Name Bonus
4★ [Cinderella] Lalafin Nonomiya +200% Damage against Boss
3★ [Fairy Godmother] Aruru Otsuki +100% Damage against Boss
4★ Cinderella is a Friend of Justice! Memoir +50% Damage against Boss/+80% Damage if Max Uncap and Max Level
3★ Even during Rehearsal Memoir +30% Damage against Boss/+60% Damage if Max Uncap and Max Level
3★ Who is chosen to wear the glass shoes? +30% Damage against Boss/+60% Damage if Max Uncap and Max
All Frontier School of the Arts Stage Girls +10% Damage against Boss

Boss Difficulty Levels

Difficulty Keys Required Shoes Dropped Shoes per Key
10 10 1
★★ 20 24 1.2
★★★ 30 40 1.3
★★★★ 40 60 1.5
★★★★★ 50 100 2

Boss Key Drops

  • Unlike the previous events, the event boss will drop keys when defeated.
  • The 1★ difficulty can only drop one key, while 2★-5★ can drop either 1 or 2. Drop rate will increase with difficulty.
Difficulty Boss Keys
★★ 1-2
★★★ 1-2
★★★★ 1-2
★★★★★ 1-2

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