Starlight Dream of a Thousand Nights Event Guide!

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Event Overview

Event stages drop keys used to fight the boss, while bosses drop knives for the box gacha! Genie of the Lamp Maya Tendo and her upgrade materials are the main reward. Story chapters will be unlocked based on the amount of boss kills, regardless of difficulty.

Note: The 4★ Aladdin Claudine Saijo is not a limited character and has been added to the normal gacha pool.

Farming Tips

  • There is a once per day double reward button. This will allow you to greatly increase the number of knives received in a single boss battle.

  • The event stages have a higher drop rate for keys and should be prioritized over normal stages.

  • 3,850 knives are required to unlock all box rewards.

  • As a rule of thumb, the higher the difficulty, the more efficient the knives per key. The 5★ boss is only more efficient than the 4★, however, if it can be completed with 2 tries. If this isn't possible, it's recommended to do the highest difficulty that can be consistently cleared within 1 try.

Event Tips

  • Make sure to equip the event memoirs. The free memoir that is earned in the Box Gacha will increase damage by 30 percent, so it should be equipped to your best attacker unless you have the 4* Memoir.

  • The boss for this event is cloud type. A good tank like Sun Nation General Maya Tendo will help your damage dealers, and any offensive space type units will be able to deal good damage.

  • Event characters and memoirs should be prioritized. They will increase damage significantly when fighting the boss.

  • Using Seisho girls will give you a slight boost, as they are the only type to deal +10% damage for this event.

Event Bonuses

Character/Memoir Name Bonus
4★ Aladdin Claudine Saijo +200% Damage against Boss
3★ Genie of the Lamp Maya Tendo +100% Damage against Boss
4★ Duet in the Moonlight Memoir +50% Damage against Boss, +80% Damage if Max Uncap and Max Level
3★ Arabian Scarves Memoir +30% Damage against Boss, +60% Damage if Max Uncap and Max Level
3★ Recreating that Play? Memoir +30% Damage against Boss, +60% Damage if Max Uncap and Max Level
ALL Seisho Music Academy Stage Girls +10% Damage against Boss

Boss Difficulty Levels

Difficulty Keys Required Mask Drops Knives per Key
1★ 5 5 1
2★ 10 12 1.2
3★ 15 20 1.3
4★ 20 30 1.5
5★ 25 80 3.2

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