My Theater Overview

The “My Theater” function allows for customization of your theater, material production, and unlocking Theater Stories. Up to 5 different Theaters can be saved at any one time.

The “My Theater” button can be found on the bottom right of the home page.

Decorating and Customizing the Theater

Within “My Theater” there are several different options that can be customized. These include; Theater Items, Floors, Walls, and the selected Stage Girls. Most of these items do not have have a major impact on gameplay; however, there are some Theater Items that have special functions. One theater can hold up to 100 items at a time, not including the floors or the walls.

Theater Items can be purchased by selecting the “MENU” icon in “My Theater” and then selecting “Purchase” which will take you to the store. To “Set” your new items; once again access the “MENU” within “My Theater”, and then select the “Set” button.

Changing Stage Girls

Up to 5 stage girls can be placed in the theater at a time. These can be selected from any of the Stage Girls that have been collected so far.

To change Stage Girls, open the “MENU” option and then select the “Stage Girls” option.

Special Functions

In the “My Theater”, there are several Theater Items that have special functions. This includes the Chic Black Stereo, Grand Piano, Green Coin Andrew Piggy Bank, Gold Coin Andrew Piggy Bank, Notice Board, and the Parcel Delivery Box.

The Andrew Piggy Banks, Notice Board, and Parcel Delivery Box can all be upgraded to increase the frequency at which they produce items (the Grand Piano and the Chic Black Stereo can not be upgraded). The Grand Piano must be purchased from the store; however all other special items are automatically placed in your theater upon entering.

It is recommended that you upgrade the Gold Coin Andrew Piggy Bank first, as gold can be scarce in the early game; however theater coins are not hard to come by so you most likely will not have any issues with upgrading. Note: The Chic Black Stereo and the Grand Piano have the same function; the only difference is their appearance.

  • The Chic Black Stereo and Grand Piano both allow you to play the Revue Songs that have been unlocked (this can be done by selecting one of the two items, and then pressing “Play”).

  • The Andrew Piggy Banks will both produce coins; the green bank will produce Theater Coins, and the gold bank will produce Gold Coins.

  • The Notice Board produces Lesson Tickets which can be used to give your Stage Girls experience and level them up.

  • The Parcel Delivery Box generates gifts which you can give to your Stage Girls to increase their Bond Level.

Theater Stories

Occasionally, when accessing “My Theater”, you will see an orange “Talk” button. Pressing this will allow you to view Theater Stories. By reading a Theater Story you will receive different rewards.

Saving, Changing, and Naming your Theaters

There can be up to 5 saved theaters at any one time. Once the theater is set to your liking, access the “MENU” button in “My Theater”, and then select “Saved”. Here you will see 5 different spots for your theaters. To save your theater, select the “Save Current Set” button and then press “Save” To change the name of your theater, press the pencil button which can be found next to the name. To clear your theater, press the “Reset” button which can be found at the top right above “Use This Set”. If you would like to change the current theater, select the “Use This Set” button and it will switch to that theater.

Visiting Other Theaters

When using the “My Theater” function, there is the option to visit other player’s theaters. This can be done by pressing either “Random Visit” (takes you to a random room) or “Visit Friend” (takes you to a friend’s room) which are located on the left side of the theater. While visiting another room, you can “Like” the room which will give you 1 Theater Coin (you can receive a maximum of 10 per day).

List of Theater Items

Theater Items can be purchased with Theater Coins by selecting the “MENU” icon in “My Theater” and then selecting “Purchase”. Below is a list of Theater Items which can be purchased using Theater Coins:


  • Round White Table - 600 Coins
  • Student’s Desk - 600 Coins
  • Lectern - 400 Coins
  • Backstage Table - 800 Coins
  • Glass Table - 800 Coins
  • Round Wooden Table - 600 Coins
  • Wooden Chair - 200 Coins
  • Wooden Frame Sofa - 800 Coins
  • Orange Two-Seater Sofa - 800 coins
  • Pink Chair - 200 Coins
  • Pink Floor Seat - 200 Coins
  • Elegant Sofa - 800 Coins
  • Pink Bed - 1,000 Coins
  • Blue Bed - 1,000 Coins
  • Wooden Bed - 1,000 Coins
  • Tea Station - 400 Coins
  • Pink Dresser - 800 Coins
  • White Dresser - 800 Coins
  • Wood Magazine Rack - 400 Coins
  • Locker - 200 Coins
  • Pink 3-Shelf Unit - 400 Coins
  • Storage Unit - 400 Coins
  • School Cabinet - 400 Coins
  • White Cupboard - 400 Coins
  • Orange Bookshelf - 400 Coins
  • Wooden Chest of Drawers - 800 Coins
  • Pastel Chest of Drawers - 200 Coins
  • Pink Rug - 1,000 Coins
  • Lime Rug - 1,000 Coins
  • White Kitchen Set - 400 Coins


  • Large TV - 400 Coins
  • Large Fridge - 400 Coins
  • School Heater - 200 Coins
  • Blue Light Stand - 200 Coins
  • Orange Trash Can - 200 Coins
  • Clothes Rack - 400 Coins
  • Coat Hanger - 200 Coins
  • School Umbrella Stand - 200 Coins
  • Wooden Clothes Rack - 400 Coins
  • Grandfather Clock - 200 Coins
  • Elegant Mirror Stand - 400 Coins
  • School Fish Tank - 200 Coins
  • Mr. White Cushion - 200 Coins
  • Elegant Lamp - 200 Coins
  • Floor Spotlight - 200 Coins
  • Large Spotlight - 1,000 Coins
  • Position Zero - 200 Coins
  • Brown Teddy - 200 Coins
  • Andrew Plushie - 200 Coins
  • Bunny Plushie - 200 Coins
  • Potted Plant 1 - 200 Coins
  • Potted Plant 2 - 200 Coins
  • Potted Roses - 200 Coins
  • Wooden Screen - 400 Coins
  • Elegant Screen - 400 Coins
  • Chic Black Stereo - 400 Coins
  • Grand Piano - 1,200 Coins
  • Lunch Basket - 200 Coins
  • Blue Balance Ball - 200 Coins
  • Dance Studio Mirror - 200 Coins
  • Whiteboard - 800 Coins
  • Changing Room - 600 Coins
  • Full-Length Mirror - 200 Coins


  • Rehearsal Room Floor - 200 Coins
  • Classroom Floor - 200 Coins
  • Scandinavian Floor - 200 Coins
  • Pastel Pink Floor - 200 Coins
  • Stage Floor - 200 Coins


  • Rehearsal Room Wall - 200 Coins
  • Classroom Wall - 200 Coins
  • Scandinavian Wall - 200 Coins
  • Pastel Pink Wall - 200 Coins
  • Stage Wall - 200 Coins

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