Valentine's Recipe for Happiness Event Guide

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In this event, clearing event stages gets you cocoa beans, which can be used to challenge the boss. The bosses will drop two different types of chocolate, which can be exchanged for items in the event shop. As with all of the previous events, story chapters will be unlocked based on the amount of boss kills, regardless of difficulty.

Farming Tips

  • ​​​​​​There are 2 different event bosses. The strawberry boss will only drop strawberry chocolates, while the milk boss will only drop milk chocolate. Make sure to farm both in order to get all the rewards. The number of points dropped by both is the same.
  • Filling your team slots with level 1 characters that die quickly allows your main attackers to have move priority. This means that you should leave the free Hikari at level one as long as possible.

  • Friend units will give the same boost as party members, so make sure to use event characters to make farming much easier.

*Thanks to /u/niernen and /u/heartwithseoul for correcting some of the mistakes that were in this guide.

Event Tips

  • Make sure to equip the event memoirs. They will allow you to collect the event items much faster.

  • The bosses for this event are moon and wind type. A good tank will be helpful, and any offensive flower or cloud type units will be able to deal good damage. The strawberry boss will also target the back row first.

  • Event characters and memoirs should be prioritized. They will give you a large boost when fighting the boss. 

  • If you lose while fighting against the boss, HP and damage dealt will not carry over. This means that you should challenge whichever 

*Thanks to /u/rhythmico for giving us the boss types and tips on boss patterns

Event Bonuses

Character and Memoir Bonuses
Character/Memoir Name Bonus
4* [Happy Valentine] Junna Hoshimi +100% Damage for all allies against Boss
3* [Heartfelt Cooking] Hikari Kagura +50% Damage for all allies against Boss
4* A Valentine’s Ensemble Memoir +20% extra chocolate drops/+30% if Max Uncap and Max Level
3* Sweet Days Memoir +10% extra chocolate drops/+20% if Max Uncap and Max Level
3* Surprise Chocolate Memoir +10% extra chocolate drops/+20% if Max Uncap and Max Level
ALL Seisho Music Academy Stage Girls +10% Damage for all allies against Boss

Boss Difficulty Levels

Boss Difficulty Levels
Difficulty Beans Required Chocolate Drops Valentines Points
1★ 10 20 200
2★ 18 40 400
3★ 30 80 800
4★ 36 120 1200
5★ 60 240 2400

Beans Returned upon Defeat

Beans Returned upon Defeat
Difficulty Beans Returned Beans Lost
1★ 8 2
2★ 14 4
3★ 24 6
4★ 28 8
5★ 48 12

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