JP Update: How this affects the Meta

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Update Overview

Skill Panel Update: Ranks 8 and 9 added to cards, as well as a third auto skill

Unit Skill Feature: New “Unit Skill” that affects the whole team added

Unit Formation Cost Increase: Max cost for Units increased by 20

Star Jewels needed to recover Stamina adjusted.

New “Coin Hunt” levels: 3 new levels added to Coin Hunt

*It is currently unknown when this update will be implemented on the EN servers

Skill Panel Update

Ranks 8 and 9 will be added to all cards, and its panels will use a new material dropped from the new, to be released, Story Chapters, beginning at 7-6.
A new auto skill will be unlocked upon reaching rank 9, but it is still unknown what that skill will be.
The “Angel Ladder” and “Moonbow” pieces (needed for rank 7 panels) were deemed too hard to obtain, and will be made more accessible in future events.

Unit Skill Feature

Each Stage Girl will receive an additional ability that will affect the whole team.

These skills will work similarly to the passive 3rd effect of Revue Songs.

Some examples of these skills include:

  • Flower Type stage girls receive 10% ACT up

  • Frontier stage girls receive 10% ACT up

  • Back-row stage girls receive 10% Normal Defense up

A stage girl’s unit skill can be raised up to level 21, using two different methods:

  • By using creation jewels

  • By dupes obtained from the gacha. (All dupes will count retroactively towards this.)

It is still unknown how many creation jewels/dupes will be needed in order to level the skills.

This is likely to have a bigger effect on the EN version of the game, since the Musketeer 4*s seem to be permanently available, and because of the Ad gacha, since people are more likely to pull more 4* dupes, which will make them able to increase their unit skills faster.

Unit skills will be available for 3* and 4*s only upon release, but support for all girls is planned.

Unit skills will be immediately useable for PvE content, but won’t be unlocked in PvP until the current season ends.

Unit Formation Cost Increase

The maximum cost for main story and event teams will be increased by 20.

Like unit skills, this change won’t apply to PvP until the end of the current season.

This means that the maximum cost for Platinum and Level PvP ranks will be 105 after the change, making it high enough to run a full team of 5 4* girls and 5 4* memoirs.

Star Jewels needed to recover Stamina adjusted

Stamina Refresh Cost
Stamina Refresh Count Cost Pre-Update Cost Post-Update
1-3 80 80
4-5 160 80
6-8 160 120
9-10 240 120
11-16 240 160
17-20 360 160
21-30 360 240

New Coin Hunt Levels

Coin Hunt levels 5, 6 and 7 will be added. The addition of so many levels leads us to believe that the new content added with this update will have very high gold costs, likely to prevent people from maxing their stage girls on day 1.

Star Gem Login Campaign

In addition to all the changes, all players will receive a total of 3000 Star Gems in celebration of the update throughout the week of June 25th to July 2nd.

*It is unknown if the same promotion will be released on the EN servers alongside this update once it releases for EN

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