JP Update: Winners and Losers

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With the latest patch in the JP version of the game, most stage girls received new auto skills that affect your entire unit. Some, however, are a lot more useful than others.

The list below highlights some of these skills, and the changes they could bring to the way these girls are played.

*Note that being listed as a winner does not mean the stage girl will suddenly have an impact on the meta — it simply means that they received a desirable new skill. Likewise, a girl who is already prevalent in the meta and received a weak auto skill will not suddenly lose their meta relevance — they just got the shorter end of the stick and could have gotten something much better.

Biggest Winners

Amaterasu Hikari


And the rich get richer. With a shiny new 4 brilliance per turn auto skill, the most persistent threat in the game receives one of the best auto skills available (one that, of course, no other stage girl received as their third auto skill). This will help her on both AoE nuke comps, where she’ll now be able to charge by turn 2 more consistently than ever, and also on more defensive-oriented compositions, as it will allow her to reach her second Climax Act even faster.

Sun Nation General Maya, Belle Shiori

Maya Belle

The only two 4* tanks in the game who lacked a fortitude passive have at long last received the skill. However, as great as the passive is, Shiori’s usage numbers likely won’t see any increase and she remains overshadowed by Professor Moriarty Mahiru as a wind-type tank.
Maya, on the other hand, has recently been seeing a renaissance in popularity due to strong matchups against popular meta picks, and this addition will make it even easier to justify giving her a team slot.

Black Lion Nation General Kaouruko


A recipient of the threatening +10 brilliance at start auto skill, Kaoruko has finally found her niche gimmick with the ability to enter a Climax Revue on Turn 1. To make the most of this ability, she must be equipped with a max Bound Broken “Friends at the Aquarium” memoir, which gives her 40 brilliance. The combination of this auto skill and memoir will place her at 100 brilliance at the start of a PvP match, allowing for a free reshuffle of your opening hand if you fail to get the desired cards.

As fun as this gimmick sounds to use, the rest of her kit is still severely undertuned and it will not allow her to break into the meta. Another of Kaoruko’s 4* outfits, Don Salvatore, also has this same auto skill and remains a better option if you intend to try this strategy.

Biggest Losers

Ghost Patrol Squad Deputy Captain Tamao


Someone at A-Team clearly isn’t a fan of this girl, as she hasn’t received a new 4* outfit since launch, just had an event in which she was supposed to be the gacha feature completely skipped over in the WW version, and now, she receives a lackluster third auto skill.

Although poor Tamao wasn’t the only stage girl to receive a barrier as her new auto skill, all the other girls who got it are dedicated tanks that will always be standing at the front of the unit and can make better use of the reduced damage. Tamao has always been in an awkward spot where she lacks both the offensive stats to be a DPS and the defensive stats to be a tank. Unfortunately, this new auto skill does nothing to help her find her identity.

Don Quixote Misora, Pirate Queen Shizuha, Angel Fumi, Thumbelina Shiori, Cinderella Lalafin, Easter Bunny Shizuha, Siren Akira, Tengu Ichie, Doctor Akira

Misora Pirate Shizuha Angel Thumbelina Cinderella EasterBunny Siren Tengu Doctor

All of these girls are fit under the “Defense-oriented support” umbrella and they all received versions of the same terrible auto skill based on their type. This skill reduces the damage they receive from the type they already resist by 10%. For example, the Flower-type Pirate Queen Shizuha takes 10% reduced damage from wind-type enemies. This skill is not only completely useless if no girls of the resisted type are present, but since type advantage already reduces damage by 50%, the extra 10% adds close to nothing if they are present.

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